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~ ~  Traditional saddle & BRIDLE FURNITURE  HAND-MADE IN ENGLAND~ ~

Established in 2006 ... many sold in the UK and Europe 

Designed by an English saddler ~  various finishes & sizes as requested

Dressage Jumping Eventing All-Purpose Endurance SideSaddle

Our saddle stands are in use in many top professional Training Yards in the UK and Europe.

Now also available ... our new 'Rutland' Solid Oak range of saddle stands 

Order easily online ... visit our Sales&Information page or email us

LeChevalet Duo saddlestand LeChevalet Triple saddle stand



"As an English Saddler for over 25 years, selling top quality European saddles to riders worldwide, I am aware that the use of tubular steel saddle stands and saddle racks can easily cause permanent deformation of the panel of a saddle, especially when more than one saddle is stacked on the stand or rack. The panel of the saddle cannot rest correctly on this type of stand. The marks caused, especially on high quality saddles which use soft, panel hide combined with pure wool flocking, are very difficult to remove without remedial work by a saddler. The subsequent panel deformation can often cause pressure points and 'rub marks' to form on the horses back, thus causing saddle fitting problems, which are often not immediately diagnosed by saddlers to this particular cause. Also the leather is often permanently creased under the points of the tree by the panel not being adequately supported when not in use."

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